Scope of Functions of Hsinchu Municipal Assembly

The scope of functions of Hsinchu Municipal Assembly is empowered by Regulations on Organization and Autonomous Rules of Hsinchu Assembly under Article 15. There are ten areas concerned.

  1. To resolute rules and regulations by law
  2. Too resolute budget projections presented by Hsinchu Municipal Government
  3. To resolute texation laws, be it on special case basis or on temporary or ad valerance basis
  4. To resolute propositions on disposal of Municipal Government properties
  5. To resolute Regulations on Hsinchu Municipal Government Organization and Autonomous Rules and also to resolute Regulations on Institutions as Subsidiaries to Hsinchu Municipal Government
  6. To resolute bills as presented by Hsinchu Municipal Government
  7. To resolute bills as presented by members of Hsinchu Municipal Assembly
  8. To resolute Financial reports as presented by Hsinchu Municipal Government
  9. To take up cases of petitions as presented by citi- zens registered in city of Hsinchu
  10. Other matters as stipulated by laws or rulings set forth by superior Government.
  • In compliance with the rulings under Article 52 of Hsinchu Municipal Assembly Rules of Meeting, members of this Assembly are to hold meetings periodically on regular basis. During such occasions the Assembly members will exercise their right to interpellate Mayor in addition to officers in charge of Municipal Government organizations as well as subsidiary enterprises owned by Hsinchu Municipal Government.